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18 years by iMental 18 years :iconimental:iMental 1 5 p o w e r c o u p l e by iMental p o w e r c o u p l e :iconimental:iMental 0 1 barbie doll material by iMental barbie doll material :iconimental:iMental 4 5 lovelyyyy by iMental lovelyyyy :iconimental:iMental 3 2 guess who by iMental guess who :iconimental:iMental 9 18 Nerd by iMental Nerd :iconimental:iMental 2 7
South Park- Tweek x Craig - Drunk And OOC
The dark of the night was perfect cover for the two of us as we snuck across the road, both of us holding our breath as if that would somehow make the clattering of the heavy metal ladder we carried cease. The grass softened the sound of our footsteps, though it did nothing to the ladders racket as we hefted it upright and settled it at a comfortable slant against the front of my house.
I patted the bricks in an affectionate fashion before whispering under my breath, "Sorry, again." This was the second time tonight that my poor home had to feel the grating of the metal against its face - but it was the only way I was able to sneak in and out of my two-story window effectively. With a drunken giggle, I turned to my partner in crime and gave a small flick of my hand in a wave.
"See y-you at school t-t-tomorrow, Craig. Hope your hangover isn't too b-bad." I murmured, before using the same hand to rest on a rung of the ladder beside me. The tall raven-haired young man peered down at me, ap
:iconimental:iMental 70 5
Sick As Dicks by iMental Sick As Dicks :iconimental:iMental 1 8
South Park - Stan x Kyle - Discovered
"What the fuck?!" Cartman's eyes were almost bulging right out of his skull. Both of the young men in the double bed froze, heads snapping to the side in shock. Without hesitating, Stan rolled off of his redheaded lover and situated himself on his side, successfully blocking the view of Kyle's body behind his own. Luckily, the covers didn't drop too far from around Stan's hips and Cartman's eyes were free from having to witness another traumatising sight.
"Fuck." Came a quiet hiss from behind Stan. The sheets were rustling and Kyle's bright hair could be seen disappearing entirely as he burrowed down to hide the rest of himself. Cartman barely noticed. He was too busy staring at Stan, his mouth still hanging open in disgusted horror. The air was thick with tension, when Stan finally managed to figure out how to make his mouth work.
"Wait, dude. This isn't how it looks--"
"This isn't--?! Ugh! You guys are fags! Like, real, literal fags!"
"Cartman! Let us fucking explain!"
:iconimental:iMental 69 12
South Park - Stan Marsh x Kyle Broflovski
"Aw sick, dude!" Kyle's voice rose with disgust as he pulled on the ears of his green ushanka, bringing the hat down to cover his eyes. His still exposed mouth twisted into a grimace when he heard his boyfriend release of bark of laughter.
"Oh, come on. It's not that bad. No one does it." Stan Marsh chuckled, sitting down on the bed beside the jewish redhead, who was nestled beneath the covers. His bare shoulders and now half-covered face were the only things sticking up above the sheets draped over the soft mattress of Stan's double bed. His parents had been kind enough to buy him a bigger bed when he'd hit the age of fifteen. He was seventeen now and boy, was he glad he'd gotten an upgrade. He'd started to date his best friend, Kyle Broflovski, a few weeks after his fifteenth birthday and two growing boys attempting to share a small single bed would have been plain embarrassing.
Kyle scoffed, shaking his head back and forth. He still hadn't released the ears of his hat. "What do you
:iconimental:iMental 44 9
Still Grounded. by iMental Still Grounded. :iconimental:iMental 6 14 Fem!Tweek Tweak - South Park - The Stick of Truth by iMental Fem!Tweek Tweak - South Park - The Stick of Truth :iconimental:iMental 12 2 Fem!Tweek Tweak - South Park - The Stick of Truth by iMental Fem!Tweek Tweak - South Park - The Stick of Truth :iconimental:iMental 26 22
South Park - Craig x Tweek - Bullying
They were beating the shit out of him. And all I could do was stand and watch.
Blood dribbled from his grimacing lips, as his blue eyes flashed with defiance. My ears were ringing so loud, my head was pounding, my body trembling, my heart seizing up in shock. I watched fists slam into him over and over. He was coughing and retching, bruises and cuts already forming on his bare torso. He'd tried so hard to fight back, but there were too many of them - there were just too many for Craig Tucker to take on, even with his impressive fighting skills. He was no stranger to brawls, but never had he been in three against one hand-to-hand battle. I accidentally sobbed aloud and the fourth asshole closest to me socked me right in the face. I dropped to the ground, hands flying up to protect my head. I only received a few rough kicks to the back, but that was nothing compared to what I was watching through my fingers. Craig was down now too and he was staring back at me, his face once again twisti
:iconimental:iMental 95 16
South Park - Craig Tucker x Tweek Tweak
I couldn't take it anymore. Sitting there and staring at that pale boy across from me with the black and red dyed hair, his cracked lips twisting in awful ways as he recited memorised lyrics and poems, which were by far the darkest and most foul rhymes that I'd ever had the displeasure of hearing. The way he spewed nonsense about how life was some huge mysterious shithole that everyone had to suffer in until we finally died - and then, maybe then, we would be happy. I had to admit, on my bad days, I didn't think the kid (I think his name was Pete?) was too annoying and sometimes I even agreed with the less dramatic rants he was always going off on. I even spoke up yesterday and briefly conversed with him about our mutual love of coffee.
But today was not one of those days. Today his bullshit-heavy flow of how everyone was a conformist and how he was desperately craving a cigarette was just way too much for me to handle. It was too much pressure- too much fucking pressure, man! He just
:iconimental:iMental 84 10
This Is Quite Old by iMental This Is Quite Old :iconimental:iMental 3 14


Warm Bodies sketches by 9emiliecharlie9 Warm Bodies sketches :icon9emiliecharlie9:9emiliecharlie9 758 63 Love is strange by 9emiliecharlie9 Love is strange :icon9emiliecharlie9:9emiliecharlie9 596 61 Cinnamon by kuzminphoto Cinnamon :iconkuzminphoto:kuzminphoto 2,181 99 Mystique by nadyasonika Mystique :iconnadyasonika:nadyasonika 7,362 660 Road Trip! - Clybe by Smalltowncosplay Road Trip! - Clybe :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 28 1 Bros Before Hoes! by Smalltowncosplay Bros Before Hoes! :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 56 7 Found Him Dead Again by Smalltowncosplay Found Him Dead Again :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 24 6 Stoned by Smalltowncosplay Stoned :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 55 11 Let This Moment Last by Smalltowncosplay Let This Moment Last :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 30 2 ~ by Kyarii-chan ~ :iconkyarii-chan:Kyarii-chan 8 2 Fennekin! ^u^ by Kyarii-chan Fennekin! ^u^ :iconkyarii-chan:Kyarii-chan 14 2 1 by Kyarii-chan 1 :iconkyarii-chan:Kyarii-chan 6 10 Kiss Me by Smalltowncosplay Kiss Me :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 97 22 Forever Alone by Smalltowncosplay Forever Alone :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 107 41 Let Me Button Your Shirt, You Spazz by Smalltowncosplay Let Me Button Your Shirt, You Spazz :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 139 20 Let Me Love You by Smalltowncosplay Let Me Love You :iconsmalltowncosplay:Smalltowncosplay 70 7



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Tweek ☾
18 / demigirl

Hey there, I'm Tweek. This is my deviantart page where I post short stories and pictures. Lots of pictures.
Either way, I would REALLY appreciate if people would stop taking my photos and using them in weird ways, e.g: saying you're me or that you look like me or that I'm your girlfriend. It's illegal and gross, hahaha.


Journal History

tomorrow is my one month anniversary w the new boyf. surprise, lmaoooo
after that old shitstorm with Madi and my parents and all that jazz God know how long ago, I've finally met someone new!!
ummmm so anyway, im really happy with this dude and we've kind of been on and off for the last like, six months but we're finally Chillin Out and settling down and it's really nice (: (:
he's names Jacob and u'll probably see some pics of him soon because he's really super?? attractive,,,,
Like Really Attractive
okay thanks,
see you xoxo


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You are literally the first person I have ever watched.
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Besides, they might actually look like you (i alone have found 5 people on the net that look exactly like me so far lol)
iMental Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Aha, I'm flattered, of course. But I don't know. I think people should just be who they are and not bother with stealing other peoples looks! Be comfortable in your own skin, you know? (:
And yeah, perhaps they do look like me. Sometimes people steal my photos and pretend I'm their girlfriend though, which isn't really that fun for me, considering I have a girlfriend, as you know. Ahah.
AllHailMattWilson Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
Yeah, the ones who take other peoples photos and pretend they are their girlfriends are mentally compromised individuals. I feel sorry for the poor souls
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